Naaz Industry L.L.C.

The Late Mr. Najmuddin Enayat Ali a true visionary and self-made business entrepreneur founded the company in 1972. Mr. Ali had envisioned future conflicts in Iraq where he was conducting a very successful timber business since 1952 and was considering re-location. He made Dubai his choice for re-location, a decision that continues to pay dividends till this day.

Mr. Ali eventually diversified into steel trading and decided to try his luck in the industrial sector with the launch of a steel fabrication company, fiberglass & joinery works and builder’s hardware supply. As the chairman rightly put it “ Companies have to evolve with the changing times.”

Moving in line with the strict Islamic financing, the group abandoned all bank finance in 1990 and today pursues a zero interest (Riba) policy when it comes to any financial transactions.

Our vision is to excel in what we do but maintain our simplistic approach to business, provide flexible options to customers and never compromise on our trade reputation of being a rock solid company.