Naaz Industry L.L.C.

Celebrating 40+ years in the U.A.E. Naaz Industry L.L.C. is a trusted name in the market.

Mr. Zuhair Baghdadwala has been the C.E.O. of the Naaz Industry L.L.C. since 1988, following the retirement of the late Mr. Najmuddin Enayat Ali.

Under Mr. Baghdadwala’s leadership, strategic guidance and brand development, the company has seen rapid growth and recognition in the U.A.E.

Mr. Baghdadwala is continuously evaluating areas of opportunity for automation, optimization and increasing efficiency to guide the company’s strategic vision for the future.

Established in 1972, Naaz Industry L.L.C. is a trusted name in the market with over 40 years of experience under it's belt
We excel at a range of services including but not limited to Coil Slitting, Sheet Metal Prototyping and Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication
We manufacture custom Metal Waste Bin Receptacles, Metal Trunks as well as Metal Sheet Chambers


We are facilitators, importers and direct mill suppliers for coils, sheets and plates.

What we've accomplished so far!

+ Tons
GI Coils Processed
+ Tons
SS Coils Processed
+ Pcs
Metal Trunks Fabricated
+ m²
Sheet Metal Fabricated

If the plan doesn’t work - change the plan, not the goal.

With the rising tide of Covid-19 and it’s effect on the global economy, Naaz Industry L.L.C. has shifted to virtual back office management and automation with minimal presence at the physical location. All strategic meetings, client interactions as well as invoicing are now strictly online. This shift has helped Naaz Industry L.L.C. contribute towards keeping it’s employees as well as clients safe amongst the raging tide of the pandemic. It has also helped optimize operations and increase our working efficiency.

How we work

Don’t be busy – be productive!


First Contact

We direct a request for consultation to a sales representative. Our goal is to create long-term relationships, and learning about each other’s companies is an essential first step in this process. This initial contact allows us to mutually determine if we’re the right fit for a long and successful partnership.


Discussion & Planning

Material requirements, market customization, and proper production forecasting are key to ensuring the stability of supply. You’ll speak to our Director of Operations to evaluate and plan for your specific needs.


Fulfillment Strategy

Let’s work together to create a supply agreement to best match both your monthly and required annual volume. Whether you’re scaling for the first time or experiencing consecutive years of growth, we can make sure your supply remains constant.



Once your requirements are defined, and a supply contract is in place, we initiate the completion of your first delivery. Short bi-weekly calls help assist in production forecasting as we work with you to determine if increased supply needs are on the horizon.

Why work with us ?

We know what we’re doing

High Quality Standards

For all of our raw materials, we work with the most reputable companies in the industry to ensure the highest quality of finished products.


At Naaz Industry L.L.C. we believe in creating a community through shared experience and honesty in communication. We offer complete transparency.


We implement state of the art processes and manufacturing techniques that eliminate waste and consistently provide products and services of the highest standards.


We provide a systematic preventative approach to the safety of products from biological, chemical and physical hazards in production processes.

Naaz Industry L.L.C.

Let us improve your business!

We believe in strong corporate values and in supporting the Metal Processing Industry. Our mission is to ensure that our clients and consumers across the world continue to have access to high-quality products. We have long supported the model that GCC-made products and brands are the answer for consumer confidence and protection in our market. We are proud to be 100% GCC-funded.

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